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Welcome To DispensePoint

We empower physicians to dispense medication to their patients directly at the point of care.

Innovative SaaS software and obsessive service combine to improve healthcare outcomes, drive patient engagement, and increase practice profitability by more than 20% per office visit.

Deliver higher patient satisfaction while generating supplemental income for your practice.

Automatically source the best price from multiple vendor sources, order, manage inventory and post payment with cash or electronic claims adjudication to most PBMs, insurers and other third party payors.

For the Patient

Save hassle, time & difficulty of a pharmacy trip

Better Compliance:
Patients begin their meds immediately

Cost Effective:
Normal co-pay & competitive cash pricing

Saves Time:
No waiting in line or pharmacy call backs

More Convenience:
No driving especially if sick or post-op

Discuss meds privately with physician

For the Practice

Create improved outcomes, revenue & happier patients

Patient Satisfaction:
Provide the convenience patients want

Competitive Edge:
Better care, attention and happier patients

Custom Formulary:
Order exactly what you want to prescribe

More Revenue:
One-click adjudication & e-prescribing

Reduce tedious pharmacy interaction

Ready To Rock?

Take it easy. One quick call and our customer care team plays lead – handling everything from credentialing and formulary optimization to training. Get the best physician dispensing software and pharma supply with a team to help when you need it.

Let's Rock!

Better Software Matters

DispensePoint redefines physician dispensing by connecting the entire pharma supply chain. Much like Expedia and Kayak changed travel, DispensePoint is disrupting the point-of-care dispensing industry. Order with confidence knowing you have the best price, availability, shipping and terms.

Best Pricing

medication sourced from multiple vendors, not just one, to ensure price transparency

Best Availability

warehouse stock, just-in-time inventory management, reduced shipping times


one-click ease to receive payment from PBM's, insurers and payors


reporting and management handled across a single, group or all locations.

Medication Adherence

complete pedigree from manufacture to dispense

Regulatory Compliance

automated PDMP for each state, meaningful use reporting


inventory management and control, automated “best price” ordering


DUR is built in providing controls for drug interactions, allergies, etc.


credentialing, ongoing training, and obsessive customer service

Empowering You

DispensePoint’s data-driven approach connects physicians to numerous medication vendors in order to achieve the absolute best pricing and availability. Price may reign supreme, but there are times you need faster shipping or service – with DispensePoint you choose what matters most.

Med prices fluctuate from day to day. Different vendors have wildly different pricing based on their availability, purchase cycles or stock-on-hand. Being cheapest for one drug, does not mean they are cheapest on another.

DispensePoint gives you the power to take control of pharma, improve patient care and lower costs.

Better Outcomes

Drive patient compliance & satisfaction and improve clinical outcomes.

Increase Revenue

Generate supplemental revenue of $50,000 per physician each year.


Improve compliance, meet meaningful use and integrate with your EMR.

Customer Service

Setting the industry standard for service and responsiveness.

Here To Help

Interested in working together? Have questions about physician dispensing and improving patient satisfaction?

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